Getting started with lettering on the iPad

I thought I would put together a post with my recommendations and tips for getting started with lettering on the iPad. This should also answer the most common questions I get. Also help those new to lettering on the iPad and just getting started or looking into getting an iPad with Apple Pencil. This post will be mainly recommended accessories and brushes to get started.


First question I get asked, which size iPad I use. I am currently using the iPad Pro 12.9, 256GB Third Generation with the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil. This size, although some may not consider it portable, works best for the way I work. I love the larger screen size for not only drawing, but also browsing the net, and getting other work done. I have also owned the 1st Generation and second generation iPad. For a review and comparison of the iPad 2nd and 3rd check out this video on the iPad here. You can also find tutorials for iPad lettering on YouTube.

As far as the app I use for lettering, I pretty much stick with Procreate App. There are other programs available, but Procreate is definitely my favorite. I strongly recommend reading the manual when getting started. It's well written and will guide you through all the settings and features of Procreate. 

Now on to accessories!

As far as iPad Cases, I have tried several but below you will find the link for my favorite case. I have used this case on my second generation iPad, and now use the latest version on my third gen iPad. It offers great protection without being super bulky. The best feature is the adjustable stand built right in! Super useful when I am drawing on my desk, I angle it and I can maintain better posture.

You find all the sizes for various iPad linked in my Amazon shop list here!

My second recommended accessory is a matte screen protector. By using a matte screen protector you reduce the slickness of the glass and it provides a closer feeling to drawing on paper vs a glass screen. One con is it reduces the clarity of the screen but eventually I found myself not even minding because the drawing experience over drawing on glass was worth it to me.

One of the best things to do when starting with lettering in general is to use guides or graph grids to help keep everything aligned. They are also useful for doing drills and practicing your lettering. In addition, helpful for planning out longer compositions and keeping things lined up. In my shop I offer lettering guidelines which are helpful for practicing lettering drills, you can get them here.

I also offer several styles of lettering workbooks if you are looking to get started with learning a new lettering style! You can find them here and they work right in Procreate app.


All workbooks include a brush for Procreate. You can find photos and videos of my individual lettering series on Instagram, some are done on the iPad. #cynlopabcs

So hopefully this answers your questions. If you any have additional questions about the products I have avaible in my shop, please contact me. Thanks for reading!

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